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Where Walls Tell Your Baby's Story

Personalized Themes

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At Calimay Prints, we specialize in bringing your walls to life. Our team excels in precision wallpaper printing, using cutting-edge technology to capture your chosen designs in vibrant detail. Beyond printing, our professionals ensure a flawless installation, easily turning your vision into reality. Elevate your space effortlessly with Calimay Prints.

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Safety First

PVC & POA (Olefin) Free 

No Plasticizers 

No Phthalates 

No Formaldehyde 

No Chlorine 

No Halogen

No Heavy Metals

Baby Sleeping

"Add your family members' Characters to your Wall."

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Turning Walls into Memory Canvases

Wallpaper Installation

Experience Excellence in Wallpaper Installation

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PVC & POA (Olefin) Free, No Plasticizers, No Phthalates, No Formaldehyde, No Chlorine, No Halogen, No Heavy Metals, including: Cadmium, Mercury, Lead, or Zinc, and No Ozone Depleting Chemicals.

The eco-friendly materials we use contribute to better air quality with low VOC emissions, complying with California IAQ1350 standards for air quality.

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